Introducing a more convenient way to clean homes. The Honeywell Central Vacuum product line includes power unit models and cleaning sets that clean homes of all types and sizes.

Power Units

All Honeywell power units feature steel construction for superior strength. They feature AirWatts motors that deliver up to five times more cleaning power than a conventional vacuum to capture more dust, dirt and allergens in the home. Each unit includes a permanent, self-cleaning filtration system, assuring that dust, dirt and allergens cannot re-circulate in the living area. The filter's thin membrane can trap particles as fine as smoke and sheds them into the unit's dirt receptacle when the power unit is turned off.

Cleaning Sets

Cleaning sets that clean hard to reach places and surfaces.

Installation Materials

Includes kits and components to make your installation easier.


An array of cleaning accessories allows you to clean virtually anything in your home.